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Medallion Hunt Clues
Clue 1

Maple Grove Days is near, but don't you fear.

The medallion is now hidden in a Maple Grove park.

The match to find the medallion is on.

The cost to play is $3.00 for a Maple Grove Days button.


The contest requires no Shovel, Climbing, or night light for sight.


The 500 reasons to keep your eye on the prize,

If not it will double in size!



Clue 2

The grass is green between the line

But don't let that be your define

Much is played here

But not late in the year...

Clue 3

Gretzky, Favre, Pele, Mauer, McEnroe

This is a great place for them to do their moves.


No Fishing or grilling to get your filling.

Clue 4

Is all about fours

Pitch four will have you searching for more

Four of me for four of you

Look from the house - what a great view

Clue 5

North, South, East and Best


The name alone makes me want to do a back flip

Home is always better than guest,

So dont stop and rest.

Clue 6

The sun will shine, but I will be fine

The later it gets the brighter I shine

Last clue for you to be mine.

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Medallion Hunt

6/4/17 12:15am to 7/13/17 11:00pm
The 2017 medallion was found in Gleason Park.
 Clues will be published each week in the Osseo-Maple Grove Press, Facebook, Twitter, Maple Grove Voice
and on this website.  The finder will be presented the $500 cash prize from the Lookout Bar & Grill
at Maple Grove Days on Saturday, July 15.
Finder must have purchased a $3 Maple Grove Days button to claim the prize.
Buttons can be purchased from Ambassador Candidates or at the Maple Grove Community Center.
(button proceeds benefit the Ambassador Scholarship Program)
If you are the lucky finder of the Medallion, please bring it to the Maple Grove Community Center front desk before the July 13 deadline.
Contest guidelines and rules are as follows:
  1. The Maple Leaf medallion will be found on city of Maple Grove park land.
  2. No digging will be necessary.
  3. No climbing will be necessary.
  4. No disassembly will be required to find the medallion including irrigation heads, light fixtures and park equipment.
  5. Searchers must not deface public property or otherwise violate laws. Park hours are 6:00am to 11:00pm.
  6. The winner's name will be announced Saturday, July 15, at the Maple Grove Days festival.  Need not be present to accept prize.
  7. No employees or their family members of the City of Maple Grove, The Patch, Sun Publications or members of Maple Grove Community Organization, are eligible to win.
  8. Winner must have a Maple Grove Days button to claim the prize.
  9. Searchers assume all risk for personal injury.
  10. Taxes due are the responsibility of the winner.
  11. If the medallion leaf is not found by 11:00pm, Thursday, July 13, the hunt will terminate and the money will roll to next year.
  12. The decisions of Maple Grove Community Organization are final.

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