Medallion Hunt Clues

Join the hunt for the Maple Grove Days Medallion

The Medallion has been found!

The prize this year is $500. The hunt runs until it is found or Thursday, July 14th. Check here every Wednesday for the next clue. Good luck!!!

  • The Fishing pier is here But no swimming near If you’re here at the right time you will be able to hear some cricket in the distance

  • Clue # 3 In the park I hide I’m rather large in size I’m older and Wise Mosquito Breeder near

  • Take a walk in the park, Searching before it gets dark. Skating, basketball, softball are here. But no Pavilion near.

  • Maple Grove Days is near, but don’t you fear. The medallion is now hidden in a Maple Grove park. The match to find the medallion is on. The cost to play is a $3.00 for Maple Grove days button. The contest requires no Shovel, Climbing, or night light for sight. $500.00 reasons to keep your eye on the prize!