Volunteer Guide

Welcome to Maple Grove Community Organization Volunteer Guide

Maple Grove Community Organization (MGCO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to building community pride in Maple Grove. MGCO is made up of members of business, civic organizations and citizens who promote Maple Grove by sponsoring public events.

MGCO presents these fun community events every year: Maple Grove Days Parade, Maple Grove Days City Festival, Halloween Family Fun, and Breakfast & Lunch with Santa.

With your help Maple Grove Days is sure to be a success! In years past, record crowds of over 30,000 have attended the event by enjoying a parade, entertainment, business expo and many more opportunities to fill their weekend. The festival is a great summer event.

Check the website often for new and updated information on upcoming events throughout the year!

MGCO needs people like you to volunteer your time and talents!

The Role of the Volunteer

The role of a volunteer is very important to the success of any event. We value the time you are giving us. Not only is the success of the event important to us but also the role you play. We want this to be an enjoyable experience for you and to provide all the information we possibly can to make your job both easy and fun. It is our hope this positive volunteer experience will have volunteers continuing to come back year after year. As a volunteer, you represent the face of the event and MGCO. The Committee members and volunteers must come together and work in unity with one another. We ask you to put your best effort into this experience, take pride in what you do and offer the best customer service to the public. Our goal is to offer an enjoyable time for everyone, while keeping safety for all as a priority.

Volunteer FAQ

The Maple Grove Days Mandatory Volunteer Training & Information Meeting is the Tuesday of Maple Grove Days week. The location, this year, has yet to be determined. We will keep our volunteers updated as these details are determined. The event will start at 6:00pm where people will have an opportunity to pick up their volunteer t-shirt with  important announcements at 6:30pm.

As you arrive for duties on Saturday of Maple Grove Days, all volunteers must check in at the Volunteer/Information Booth located by the Hockey Arena doors at the Community Center.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your shift. 

Volunteers will be issued a parking pass for the MG Community Center. Please park in the NW parking lot only. At the end of your shift, your vehicle MUST be moved to allow space for the next shift. It is suggested you carpool, when possible, as parking is very limited.

What should the volunteer do in case of an emergency?

Maple Grove Community Organization works with the Maple Grove Fire Department and the Maple Grove Police Department from their command hub: Emergency Operation Center (EOC) located in the MG Government Center. EOC monitors the weather throughout our events and makes recommendations to the actions MGCO should take in the event of a weather emergency. Communication from the EOC is done through radio system with MGCO Chairperson’s and the Information Booth. Should you have weather concerns during any Maple Grove Days events, please follow the procedure below as well as use common sense actions. Should you have any questions regarding procedures prior to the event, please contact the volunteer coordinator at [email protected]. On the day of the event you should direct all your questions to the Information Booth.

Should you need to take immediate cover during events at the Maple Grove Community Center (MGCC), please enter the building and follow instructions from staff. For the Bed Races, Truck Show, Town Green, Car Show volunteers, or in the absences of other directions, go to the lower level, inner wall of the Parking Ramp by the library. For Central Park, please proceed into the building and follow instructions of Community Center staff that are on site.

If you are volunteering at an offsite event, please head to the nearest shelter building. If there is not a shelter available, go to the closest covered area or in a ditch for protection until the weather clears and the situation becomes safe.

In addition to monitoring the weather, EOC keeps in communication with MGCO during the event. From this communication system, it allows for immediate response to any type of emergency call at all event locations. MGD’s Chairperson also has available direct numbers to EOC staff, should an emergency require data privacy procedures.

As a volunteer, you are not expected to step into and handle an emergency situation. Your first action should be to determine if this emergency is life-threatening. If so, dial 911 immediately! If it is not a life-threatening situation Follow the guidelines below:

  • Locate a Chairperson or report to the Information Booth.
  • Give specific information about the occurrence: location, type of situation, number of persons involved, and action needed (example: police response, fire response, first aid).

The Chairperson will take responsibility of the situation and make all required contacts through communications with the EOC. Decisions and actions will be determined by the EOC.

It is from the cooperation of the Maple Grove Police Department and Fire Department that all situations will be handled in a timely manner. Correct responses to the emergency will be determined by the EOC representative. Data Privacy Act will be respected and followed by all representatives of MGCO.

In case of a Medical Emergency use the following guidelines:

  • Call 911 Immediately
  • Survey the area and look for potential dangers
  • Do NOT move the person. Make them as comfortable as possible without moving them
  • Notify nearest official or Chairpersons
  • Stay at the scene until medical personnel arrive
  • Try to keep area clear of onlookers
  • Do NOT administer medical attention or first aid unless you are certified to do so.



If you come across a child that appears to have lost his or her parent/guardian, it is critical to never move the child! If you are unable to locate the Police, a Committee Chairperson, or other volunteer from where you are, please ask someone nearby to do so immediately by going to the Information Booth with directions on where you and what the child is wearing. The EOC can be contacted directly from the Information Booth. Stay with the child until the police arrive and can take control of the situation.

All lost items should be turned into the Maple Grove Community Center front desk or the Maple Grove Police Department right away.

Most important a fun attitude! Volunteers are provided a volunteer t-shirt at the orientation training night. If unable to attend, notify the Volunteer Coordinator at [email protected].

For Saturday events, your shirt may be picked up at the Information Booth when checking in prior to your shift. All other events will need a separate arrangement. All volunteers must wear their t-shirts through the full shift. Volunteer shirts are used as identifiers to the public, city officials, and chairpersons of the event. Please wear comfortable shoes and take note of weather conditions for the day and dress accordingly.

We also suggest you bring sunscreen. Volunteering outside can get warm on the pavement. Free water will be offered throughout the day to all volunteers. First aid supplies are available at the Volunteer/Information Booth.

While it is tempting to speak with Media outlets, please refer them to speak with official personnel of Maple Grove Days and the Maple Grove Community Organization Board. They can be located at the Information Booth. It is important to respect the rights of others and honor the Data Privacy Act.

Any official statements required will be made by the Maple Grove Police and Fire Dept.

We cannot THANK YOU enough for your talents and gift of time. Maple Grove Days volunteers give heart to the festival and bring it to life, without you the festival would not be possible! Enjoy the events and we hope to see you again NEXT Year!