Parade Participant Rules

DEFINITIONS: As used herein, the following terms will have the following meanings:
“Event” – Maple Grove Days Celebration
“Participant” – Any business/organization that participates in the Maple Grove Days Parade
“MGCO” – Maple Grove Community Organization

DISTRIBUTION OF ITEMS TO PARADE SPECTATORS: Due to safety concerns – NO items (including water or candy) may be thrown to parade spectators from vehicles. Spectators have been injured by being hit by thrown objects. All items must be handed to the parade spectators by participants walking along the white lines on the sides of the road. Do not give out items in a manner that requires children/spectators to enter the street! We must enforce this rule for the safety of all viewers and drivers of units. If you fail to comply we will take the items and return them at the end of the parade (see MN Statute 169.42).
All items must be suitable for a family audience.

You are responsible for ensuring that everyone associated with your unit is aware of ALL procedures, rules and contract requirements.


FEES & PAYMENT IN ADVANCE – Entry fees are as follows: $15 for non-profit organizations, $175 for a Maple Grove Business, $225 for a non-Maple Grove business and $175 for political units. Entry fee must be paid within stated timeframe once participant has received communication of acceptance into the parade.              For non-profit groups only – Your parade fee can be returned after the event if you provide a minimum of 6 volunteers for parade clean up or another Maple Grove Days event. If you are interested in this option, indicate this on your parade application.

MUSICAL UNITS – Must adhere to the Performance Act of 1976 concerning copyright laws for music performed or played. Please limit your performance time to 2 minutes. We must be informed on your application if you intend to play music.

INSURANCE – Each unit should have liability insurance. If not, you must sign the waiver of liability. Participant acknowledges MGCO does not maintain insurance covering the participant’s property and it is the sole responsibility of the participant to obtain business interruption and property damage insurance covering any and all losses by participant. Please provide MGCO with a copy of Insurance Binder, Certificate of Insurance (naming MGCO and the City of Maple Grove as additional insured) or sign the waiver of responsibility.

REFUNDS – Refund of parade fees will be granted with written notice of cancellation postmarked by the end of May. No other refunds will be issued for any reason including inclement weather cancellation.

UNIT LOCATION – MGCO makes no promises as to the location of the participant’s unit in the line-up and reserves the right to change location of unit if necessary.

LINE UP AREA SPACE REQUIREMENTS – All participants’ equipment and persons must fit in the space (length) specified on the application (e.g. if you requested 25 feet of line-up space, everything including the vehicle pulling the unit must fit in that space (the maximum unit length allowed is 100 feet). No additional space is provided.  No exceptions.


If your application is accepted, you will be sent a confirmation in May.


SET UP – Set up begins at 4:45pm. All participants are required to be completely set up and in their designated line up position by 6:00pm. Any units that arrive after 6:00pm. will be directed to the end of the parade. You must pull your parade vehicles into the space by your line-up number.

UNIT PARTICIPANTS DROP OFF – Carpooling is required for all parade units. Find a designated pick-up spot away from the parade route. Have one or two drivers who can then drive the participants into the parade line-up area, no exceptions will be allowed. If you miss the group entry, please walk in. Additional information to share with your unit participants will be sent if your application is accepted.

PARKING – Off-site parking will be available on side streets and along Rice Lake Road north of 89th Avenue. The Rice Lake School parking lot is Handicap Parking Only. No cars can be left parked on the parade route or in any No Parking Zone.

DISPLAY, DECORATIONS & EQUIPMENT– All displays and/or decorations will be the responsibility of the participant. Floats and novelty units need to be entertaining and aesthetically pleasing. All decorations must be safe for parade participants and audience. All mechanical equipment should be in good working order. Participants must supply all of their own equipment. MGCO cannot provide any equipment to participants.

CONDUCT– Participant agrees to conduct themselves in an orderly manner in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. All participants are required to act appropriately and responsibly. All participants will comply with instructions given by the Parade Committee, the parade route monitors or Public Safety employees.
NO items may be THROWN from unit!

ANIMAL UNITS – All animal units are required to provide their own cleanup. Violators will be asked to leave.

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES or FIREWORKS – No alcoholic beverages of any nature or fireworks will be permitted in or around the parade line up area, parade route or disbanding area.

CANCELLATION POLICY – The event will not be cancelled if there is light rain. In case of inclement weather prior to the start of the parade, the decision to cancel the event will be made by the Emergency Operations Center. We will post this information at

If you have any questions about the Maple Grove Days Parade, please contact us at: [email protected]