Food Vendor Application

Maple Grove Days

Be sure to join us this year for our event!

July 10-14, 2024

Beyond the Yellow Ribbon – Medallion Hunt – Parades – Movie in the Dark – Competitions for All Ages – Ambassador Coronation – Teen Events – Bed Races – Business Expo – Non-Profit Opportunities – Fishing Clinic – Outdoor Zumba and Yoga – Silent Auction – Corn Feed – 2 Stages of Entertainment – Kiddie Games  – Fireworks

About the Food Vendor Application

Food Vendor Application

Please join us as a food vendor for Maple Grove Days

Friday July 12 & Saturday 13, 2024

Application must be received by May 15th for consideration.

No refunds of application or electrical fees after June 1st.

Please read the Participant Rules document before submitting your proposal.

Questions about the application? Email us at [email protected]

Food Vendor Application
Contact Person Name(Required)


Menu Item List(Required)
Please list all foods/drinks you plan to offer. Use the (+) icon to add additional items.


Food Vendor Type(Required)

Do You Require Electricity?(Required)
Please note there is an electrical fee of $55 if 14-50R RV is needed
Are You Capable Of Providing Your Own Electricity?(Required)
Item NNEMA# (220/208 only) Quantity Watts Voltage Amps Actions
Create a new appliance entry for each piece of equipment.
Will You Be Using Propane Gas?(Required)

Site Preference

We do our best to accommodate, but do not guarantee participation or location.
Friday - Town Green (5pm-10pm. Limited Spots. No electricity available. $100)
  • Community Center (10am-10pm, $300)
  • Town Green (10am-10pm, $300)
  • Central Park (10am-8pm, $250)
Please rank your preference of location from 1st (top) to 3rd (bottom).


The listed items must be submitted by May 15th to [email protected] or 13570 Grove Dr. Suite 270, Maple Grove, MN 55311. If you are not able to meet the May 15th deadline you must be in contact with the food vendor coordinator via [email protected]

  • Application
  • Participation Fee
  • Electrical Fee (if applicable)
  • ST19 (It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to collect and report appropriate taxes incurred from sales.)
  • Certificate of Insurance (In the amount of 2 million naming MGCO and City of Maple Grove as additional insured.)
  • Hennepin County Itinerant Food License or Mobile Food Handlers License
  • Maple Grove Fire Department approval. Only needed if using a truck or trailer. Not needed for canopy. Required annually.

Hours of Operations: Event will take place rain or shine. No refunds will be issued. MGCO reserves the right to postpone or cancel Maple Grove Days due to unsafe weather conditions and/or COVID-related restrictions. This decision will be made by the Maple Grove Police Dept., Maple Grove Emergency Operations Center and MGCO.

  1. Set up – You may start set up at 6:30am at the community center. 7:30am at Central Park and Town Green. You must be ready to begin serving at 10am. MGCO reserves the right to deny set up of unsafe equipment.
  2. Event times – Serving time: 10am-10pm Community Center and Town Green, 10am-8pm at Central Park.
  3. Site Evacuation – Please clean up your site. All garbage must be bagged and disposed of in the dumpster.
  4. Trucks at the Community Center cannot be removed until after 10pm (after fireworks) when power is cut for safety reasons.
  5. 2 Parking permits will be provided when you arrive for additional vehicles (Community Center only).


  1. There must be an adult present in the booth at all times.
  2. Vendor agrees to conduct themselves in an orderly manner in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


  1. Food vending booths must have a tent/canopy covering to serve food under. Tents cannot have sides. Cooking food on a grill/LP may NOT be done under a canopy.
  2. Vendor is responsible for setting up and taking down their own tent/canopy.
  3. Tent/Canopy should not be larger than 10’6” x 10’6” unless specifically approved.
  4. Tents MUST be weighted down securely. NO STAKING.
  5. All equipment must fit within your space allotment. This includes tent weights.
  6. Food vendors must have a fire extinguisher for their site. There will also be fire extinguishers on the grounds according to fire code within 75 feet of your site.
  7. For your safety there is a first aid booth located next to the information booth outside of the community center.
  8. Vendor must supply their own electrical cords (minimum 12 gauge, meeting electrical requirements), tools, safety ropes and all other equipment.

Power/Generator Usage:

You must submit request power with the amps and watts of each item you plan to plug in and type of receptacle. If this information is not provided with the application, power will not be available. All vendors must supply their own electrical cords (minimum 12 gauge). Please make sure all equipment will meet state and city electrical inspections and is in good working condition. Find an inspector and learn more online on the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry website ( As part of your MGFD approval, all trucks/trailers must have a current MN state electrical inspection sticker. The city electrical inspector will be on site and should they find your equipment faulty, they have the authority to deny participation in the event. MGCO is not responsible if due to inspection you are denied participation, meaning no refund will be issued. Power will not be available after 10:30pm.


All vendors provide their own garbage container for their site. Dumpsters are available. Please find an MGCO committee member if you need help finding the dumpsters at your location. Vendors are responsible for disposal of their own trash.

Alcohol Policy:

The sale of alcohol is permitted by MGCO, Maple Grove Park Board and State of MN only. Approved vendors must have acquired appropriate permits prior to the event. All alcohol must be contained within the approved area. Vendor must ensure sales are to patrons of legal consumption age ONLY. Vendor must have sufficient staffing to secure the area.

MGCO and MG Police will be doing periodic checks of the festival area; anyone found with alcohol outside the designated area will be required to turn over their alcoholic beverages and may be asked to leave the premises. This policy includes persons of legal drinking age and drinking in vehicles.

Disorderly Behavior:

If anyone in your group or booth should come across a situation requiring police assistance, please report to the information booth immediately. Report the location; do not try to handle it on your own. We have direct radio contact with the police and they will be called to the area. MGCO reserves the right to deny vendor participation if acting in an improper or unsafe manner.

Sanitation Guidelines:

Proper food safety rules must be followed at all times. We strongly encourage vendors to offer liquid hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes for customers. All food vendors must have their licenses displayed at all times and have a working handwashing station for their employees.

Booth Content:

Vendors cannot offer free products that another vendor will be selling at the event. All giveaways, products sold or presented need to be listed on the application and approved by the committee. MGCO reserves the right to deny any free promotional items that may be in conflict with another vendor. You may, however, give away free items that directly relate to the business/organization you are representing. All items must be suitable for a family audience.

MGCO agrees to provide an adequate plan for crowd and traffic control to ensure protection of vendors and guests.


To the extent permitted by law, participant hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Maple Grove Community Organization (MGCO), the City of Maple Grove, the respective officers, employees, agencies, insurers and volunteers against all claims, losses or damages to persons or property and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees) arising out of or connected with the events associated with Maple Grove Days, including but not limited to: the set-up, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the property, owned or rented by MGCO, the City of Maple Grove and its affiliates, except those claims arising out of the sole negligence or willful misconduct of MGCO. We are excited you have chosen to join us in our community festival. We hope the day proves to be successful and prosperous for you. Thank you again for participating.

Questions may be directed to MGCO Food Vendor Chair: [email protected]