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Maple Grove Days Parade

Our lucky locals and neighboring friends will enjoy that special flair of summer exemplified by a hometown parade. The route on 89th Avenue overflows with eager viewers looking for that special place to see the pageantry. Elected officials and area politicians will begin the parade march at 6:10pm followed by the rest of the parade units at 6:30. You will laugh at the clowns, clap your hands to the beat of the marching bands, and cheer on children as they represent their clubs, schools, churches, and sports teams. Don’t miss this year’s Grand Marshal.

Full Parade Line-up

Parade Route is along 89th Avenue from Zachary Lane to Elm Creek Blvd.


  • Safety First – Keep all children at the curb edge and out of the roadway during the parade. 
  • CANDY’S FINE BEHIND THE LINE, please remind kids to stay behind the white street lines as candy and other items will be handed out at the sides of the road.
  • Respect private property
  • DO NOT reserve spots on 89th Avenue prior to the day of the parade.  We assume no responsibility for any personal items placed along the parade route.  All items must be removed from the parade route immediately after the parade ends.


Livestream of the Maple Grove Days Parade

Can’t attend? The parade will be livestreamed by CCX:  Live Broadcast

To watch the parade afterwards on-demand:  On-Demand

2024 Grand Marshal Mary Parenteau, Chair of the Arbor Committee
In the fall of 1978 Mary and Mike Parenteau moved to Maple Grove.  Weaver Lake Rd was gravel and they had to stop for cows crossing the road from the nearby farms. The nearest grocery store was in Osseo.  Fast forward 15 years and as they raised their three children midst the growing Maple Grove, things changed. Many developments started taking down the forested areas. Mary became involved with the Arbor Committee in the early 1990s, hoping to have an influence in preserving trees and in replanting.  A few years later, she became chair of the Arbor committee. She and the committee worked on creating TZones and saving land for the Forest and Open Space Preservation Area which includes over 300 acres of protected forests. Thanks to their hard work and the vote of the residents, the preservation became a reality. The Arbor Committee and Mary worked on street tree plans, and revised the landscape ordinance.  They knew about the EAB problem early on and made recommendations. Mary has written information for the city website and city newsletters. The buckthorn problem was identified and Mary has created a connection with the Rotary Club to begin removing that invasive species. She has made presentations before the council and other groups on tree and environmental issues. With other committee members, she recommended hiring a city forester. And, she initiated the process for a DNR grant. She has been instrumental in the annual Arbor Day Celebration which has grown from planting a tree in the Arboretum to a major city activity which welcomes over 300 people at the community center on the last Saturday of April. Still working on tree related issues, you might see her with other Arbor members and citizens pulling buckthorn or doing a street cleanup on Vicksburg. She encourages everyone to volunteer to keep Maple Grove a beautiful, viable city.


Jul 11 2024


6:10 pm

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Parade Line-up


89th Avenue No.
89th Avenue No. from Zachary to Elm Creek
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