Parade Line-Up Directions

Thank you for being part of our Maple Grove Days Parade.  Start time is 6:30pm sharp.  


The following information should help make the event successful for participants and audience alike. It is your responsibility to make certain all participants in your parade unit are aware of this information and the information included in the Parade Rules regarding “Parade Procedures and Rules”. The Parade Rules is published on our website It will be a much better experience for all if everyone participating in the parade is aware of this information prior to arriving at the event.

Thank you to our Maple Grove Day’s sponsors and everyone who paid a participation fee. The parade fees allow us to pay the expenses involved in putting on this fun community event. We are looking forward to seeing you at the parade and hope you have a good time!

Gaps in Parade Please do not allow gaps to form between your unit and the unit in front of you.

Zachary Lane will not be available for participant drop off. Traffic flow will not safely allow drop offs.

Line Up in your designated numbered space. Even numbers on the north side of 89th Avenue, odd on the south side.

Line-Up Time is 4:45pm to 6:00pm. Line up for all fire trucks is on Zachary Lane.

Please enter the area from Monticello Lane and 85th Avenue.

(Cty. Rd. 109). Travel west 85thAvenue from Hwy 169 or east from I-94/Weaver Lake Road exit to Monticello Lane. Follow the signs to the check-in area.

Carpooling is required for all participants in your parade unit. Please coordinate a designated pick-up spot away from the parade line up area.

Parade Start Time is 6:30pm sharp.

Parking for participants and audience is available in a number of areas adjacent to the parade route on any side street, including Rice Lake Road north of 89th Avenue. Except for Handicapped Parking, there is no parking in the Rice Lake Elementary School parking lot for either parade participants or spectators.

Route Monitors will control the route and will expect compliance with the parade rules.

Unit Monitors 2 individuals will walk with 5 units and will expect compliance with the parade contract rules.

Refreshments will be provided for all parade participants at the Rice Lake Elementary School (which is on the corner of Elm Creek Blvd. & 89th Avenue) following the parade.

Liability Requirements – Reminder, before the parade you must have sent in an insurance binder or signed the waiver on the parade application. In addition, if there are any motorized vehicles in your unit, you must provide us the license plate number and the insurance company name and policy number covering the vehicle(s).

Distribution of items to parade spectators due to safety concerns – NO items (including water or candy) may be thrown to parade spectators from vehicles. Thrown objects have caused injuries. All items must be handed to the parade spectators by participants walking along the white lines on the sides of the road.

Do not give out items in a manner that requires spectators to enter the street to get them. We must enforce this rule and if you do not comply, we will take the items and return them at the end of the parade (see MN Statute 169.42). All items must be suitable for a family audience.

• Inclement weather – The event will not be cancelled if there is light rain. In case of inclement weather prior to the start of the parade, the decision to cancel the event will be made by the Emergency Operations Center. We will post this information at

• Music – Music cannot be played from your parade unit if your application did not indicate the use of music.

If you have any questions about the Maple Grove Days Parade please contact us at: [email protected]