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Political Unit Parade Fee

7/11/19 5:00pm to 9:00pm

Thank you for registering for the Maple Grove Days Parade on Thursday, July 11th. Political units are given the ability to interact more with the public and spectators than other parade units. We do this by starting the political units 20 minutes earlier than the rest of the parade. The political units also line up along Forestview on the north side of 89th Ave N. Political units are accepted without the normal application process, so welcome to the Maple Grove Days Parade. Attached is the Parade Contract. All the information in the contract applies for political units minus the start time and start location. More information will be sent your way as we get closer to the parade date including a map of the parade route and a waiver. Thank you again and see you at the parade.

This fee is for Political units. $175

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