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Frozen T-Shirt Online Registration

7/13/19 3:30pm to 4:00pm
Registration Deadline: 
7/12/19 10:00pm
Beat the hot days of summer with a frozen T-shirt contest.
The objective is simple - to use whatever means possible to thaw the t-shirt enough so it then can be put on.
You can sit on it like you are hatching an egg, rub it with your hands, roll it, stick it on bare arms and legs to use your body heat to warm it up.
The first person to get on the t-shirt wins!
Head and arms must be completely in the t-shirt for normal wear to be declared the winner.
  Sponsored by My Mobile Agents Realty
You cannot place the shirt in water or any other liquids
You cannot use any machinery to heat it
You cannot leave the game area with the shirt
You are not allowed to use any sharp object on the shirt
You cannot throw the shirt on the ground

Registration required: Forms are available at the Maple Grove Community Center or at www.maplegrovedays.org.

1st Place:  $30 and a My Mobile Agents Realty T-Shirt
2nd Place:  $20 and a My Mobile Agents Realty T-Shirt
3rd Place:  $10 and a My Mobile Agents Realty T-Shirt

Maple Grove Community Center 12951 Weaver Lake Road Maple Grove, MN 55369

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