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Maple Grove Days Parade

7/11/19 6:30pm to 9:00pm
Registration Deadline: 
4/1/19 (All day)
Applications for the parade are currently being accepted.
Deadline:  April 1
Be a part of the parade that attracts thousands of spectators by requesting your application today.
Request through the 'Contact' page and select 'Maple Grove Days Parade'
Please refrain from reserving viewing spots before Thursday morning.
Area politicians begin the parade march at 6:10pm.
Parade route travels west on 89th Avenue from Zachary Lane to Elm Creek Blvd.
Please keep all CHILDREN at the CURB EDGE
and out of the roadway.
Only paid parade participants are allowed to hand out items
or information along or around the parade route.
We are not responsible for items left on the parade route, please remove all items immediately after the parade!

89th Avenue and Zachary Maple Grove, MN 55369

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