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Silver Sponsor

Silver - $2,500 Cash & Goods Sponsor - Company Logo Listing

MGDs Guide delivered
Website - Sponsor page
Maple Grove Days Guide (MGDs) Individual event pages
MGDs Guide - sponsor page
Osseo Maple Grove Press Special edition Sponsor page
Osseo Maple Grove Press - Business listing in thank you section
Sponsor Sign displayed at MG Community Center
Parade Free unit entry
Fireworks Reception
Volunteer and Committee T-shirts - Sponsor listing
Link to Business Website

Silver Sponsors will need to contribute goods that make up the difference between the cash contribution below and $2500.  Enter your cash amount below (if any), "Checkout" and you will be contacted by MGCO regarding the nature of the additional goods you are contributing.  If you are contributing no cash, then there is no need to "Add to Cart" - just send us a message.

The Online Sponsor Confirmation Form can be assessed here or the paper PDF version can be downloaded  HERE. Use the Sponsorship Confirmation Form to select which events you would like to participate in depending on your level of Sponsorship and this page to contribute your sponsorship dollars.

Minimum: $10.00
Maximum: $4,999.00

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